How can interpretation benefit your project and organization economically?

It is time for the economic benefits of interpretation to be recognized and utilized, whether  it be a project managed by a government organization, a corporation, or a community group.

  • Understanding and pride of a project through correct interpretation, among locals and visitors, encourages promotion of a site, place or project, amounting to valuable word of mouth marketing and brand building.
  • Engagement through interpretation creates partnerships with interested groups and parties, by creating a distinctive visitor experience that can be cross promoted and encourage cross visiting eg. A local business project can connect to a local government project through understanding, knowledge, brand reinforcement and an interpretive “bridge”.
  • As interpretation encourages a sense of ownership of a project or site within the local community, interpretation also encourages community protection, generating dollar value in security of installations, signage and environment.
  • As part of the interpretation process, consultation with stakeholders identifies priority market segments. Are they families with children? Specialist audiences such as cyclists or walkers? School and other educational visitors? People visiting friends and relatives in local communites? Over 45’s with no dependent children and disposable income?

Research indicates that value for money plays a key role in influencing a decision to visit sites. Interpretive approaches and media value-add to the experience and are free for the visitor!